Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Denise Masino's Workout

Denise Masino showered and dressed after her workout. She had been at the gym for 4 hours and was ready to go home, have dinner, and go to bed. Little did she know that should would be going to bed, but not to sleep! She was wearing a white tank top that showed off her huge nipples and a pair of black sweats. Her damp long dark hair hung down past he shoulders.

She walked out of the gym and was confronted by 3 men near her car. One grabbed her arms. Another put a handkerchief over her face that smelled strong.

"Come on, Bitch. You are coming with us!" one yelled.

"NNNOO!! NNNOOO!!" Denise fought hard and punched at the men. She kicked one of them right in the jewels and watched as he doubled over in pain.

"OOOWWWW!! Fucking CUNT!!" he shouted.

Another grabbed her tightly around the waist and shoved the hankie in her face again. Denise felt weaker....like she would pass out. She tried to struggle, but soon it was no use. The men loaded her sleeping body into a van and drove off.

When Denise woke up, she felt strong again, but she was bound to a bed. Her wrists were firmly tied to the corner posts. Her legs were also tied to the bottom posts, but she could move them a little. She could tell that she had been stripped naked. A gag had been placed in her mouth also.

She tried to scream, but it was no use. "MMMHGHHH!! RGGHHH!! GGRHHGHH!!"

The door opened and several guys came in.

"Time to wake up, BITCH!"
"Look at those TITS, man!"
"Those nipples are SWEET!"

"I want some of that CUNT! Look at that thing." The guy slid his hand over her muscular thigh and right to her meaty pussy lips. He pulled at them and then stuffed 2 fingers inside her.
"Still kind of dry....but we will get you WET! Ha ha."

"RRGHHHH!! MMFFGGHH!!" Denise strggled against her gag. She liked sex, but not like this. She liked to be in control. Her body bucked as he poked his fingers in deeper. Other guys were grabbing her nipples and twisting them and laughing.

Another guy waved his cock in her face. "Want some of this, Denise? You dumb CUNT, you know you do."

"We've been watching you, Denise. You've got the kind of body that needs plenty of hard cock. Today we will give it to you, and turn you into our own sex slave."

The guy who was fingering her pussy, now lowered his head between her legs. He licked her large labia and then pulled them apart with his fingers. Now he could slip his tongue directly into her gaping pink hole. He looked up and said to her " DAMN, you've got a BIG CUNT, Denise!" He took a couple more licks. "Tastes pretty good, too."

Denise could feel her body responding. She tried to resist, but knew that if he kept touching and licking her, she would cum soon. 'Oh God, please don't let me cum for these animals!' she thought. "MMFFGHHHHH!!!"

She looked up and saw that one of them had been jacking off near her face. His cock was hard, and he moved it closer to her face. He moaned loudly....."AAHHH AAHHOOHH OHHH YEEESSSS you fucking SLUT!! AAHHHHHH"
He unloaded and shot a thick stream of jizz onto her face, then another, and another. It smelled bleachy and felt sticky. She felt so dirty.

"YYEAHH!! That's it. Cum in her face!!"
"My turn next!"

Another guy soon started jacking in front of her face. He would slap her with his cock and she tried to protest, but the gag was still stopping her. "MMFFGHHH!! GGRRLLLGHH!!"

Some of the others were touching Denise in other places. Two of them had been sucking on her huge firm nipples. She hadn't noticed because of the guyu cumming in her face.....and the other one licking & touching her pussy.

"She WET yet??"
"Yeah!! Get her WET! Make her CUM!!"

His tongue explored her cunt and then he flicked it over her swelling clit......then again.
'Oh, please NO.' she thought. If he starts to suck on my clit, I won't be able to control myself!!

Sure enough, he licked it again, then bit down gently into her clit and sucked it.

Denise bucked hard on the bed, helplessly. "MMMGHHH!! MMMGGHH!! MMGHHRGHH!!!"

"The Cunt LOVES it! Look at her!"
"You are gonna FUCK ALL of us, you dumb CUNT!"
"Oh Yeah, then suck us and let us fuck you MORE!"

Then she came. "GGGRGHH! AAGHGHH!!" Denise could feel her nipples stiffen and her pussy was very wet.
The guy who had been licking her, now mounted her and thrust his cock into her juicy hole.

The guy who had been jacking off in her face, shot his load also. Her face was now covered in sticky sperm.

"DAMN, Denise! Uunnghh! I've been wanting to FUCK you...Uuunghhh! Just stick my cock Unnnghh!! DEEP in your slutty cunt Unnhhhh! You need it too, don't you? UNNHH!!AAHHH OOHH YESSS!! UNNHHH UNHH UNNHH!

His cock throbbed and then erupted inside her. She felt his sperm filling her and felt so helpless.

"OK, Move! My turn to fuck this Bitch!" He pushed the first guy away and thrust his cock into her gooey hole.
"Unnhhh! Unnnhh! Unnhhh! Dumb Cunt! Unnhh! Look at those lips! Unnhh!! Flapping all around. Unnhh!!Take my cock, Bitch! Unnhh! Unnhh! Take it DEEP!!

He started to fuck her even harder, and Denise could feel another orgasm coming. He must have known she was close. He slipped a hand under her firm ass, and then felt for her backdoor. His finger found its target, and poked inside.


Too late. Denise came, even harder than before and she could feel herself squirting pussy juice like crazy. It ran down her thighs and butt, and formed a puddle on the bed.

"AAAAHHH OOHHH YEESS YESSS OOOOAAAHAAHOOOOHHH!!!" The guy also filled her with his sperm. It felt so warm & sticky inside of her now.

One of the other guys was loosening the handkerchief which was gagging her mouth. "OK Slut, we are gonna take this gag out, but only so you can start sucking cock."
"No biting, either."

Denise was not even thinking about biting anyone. She knew they would just make it worse for her.....and she was outnumbered. She couldn't even tell how many there were....at least 12, maybe more! She gasped for air once the gag was out - "aaaahhhh aahhhhhh hhhhhahhhhh" but it didn't last long. One of them stuffed his thick hairy cock into her mouth. It smelled sweaty.

"Suck that cock, Bitch! Suck it good."
"Yeah...look at the Slut. She loves sucking cock."

Now there was another guy fucking her pussy. After he came, another took his turn on her. Soon, Denise was covered in cum - all over her face, hair, belly, and thighs. And her cunt was completely filled with it.

"I want to nail this Slut in her tight ASS!" Her ropes were loosened and she was free - except that she was still held down. Then they flipped her over. 2 guys held her hands and 2 others spread her legs really wide. Her muscular ass was there for the taking. "Mmmmmm.....Yes. Look at that ASS!" His hands grippped her rock hard glutes and spread them apart. "Show me that little browneye, Bitch!" He spat on his finger and poked it up her rear.

"OOHHH OOWWW OOOOOHH OOHH PLEEEASEE!!!" Denise tried to clench her cheeks together to keep his finger out, but it was no use. He pressed it in further. "Let's loosen up that rosebud, Denise." He whispered in her ear.
Then he added another finger, and began to work them around.

Her hips bucked wildly. Someone slid a hand under her belly and began to play with her cunt lips some more. "OOOHH AH AHH AOOHHAHHHH!! OOOOHH GOODD!!" She groaned at the invasion of her body.

He rubbed his stiff cock against her butt. "You want some of this, Denise?" He dug his fingers in deeper. "You KNOW you want it, you SLUT."

Suddnely he pulled his fingers out and thrust his cock into her. "UUUUGHH!!" Then again. "UUNNNNHGH!!"

Denise was really getting a workout and she was too tired to fight. She relented and felt him push in once more - ALL THE WAY IN! "OOOHH OOOOHH PLLEEASE EEIIIIIEEEOOWW NNOOOO!!"

He didn't last long. Her tight asshole milked his cock dry very quickly. She felt his load spurt into her ass. Spurt after spurt went into her and then he pulled out. His jism oozed out of her tight anus.

Then another guy fucked her in the ass. And another. And another. She lost count of how many times she had been fucked. And how many times she CAME!! Poor Denise didn't think she had any fluids left. Both of her holes were really really sore.

The next guy in line thrust into her ass once more. This time he flipped her while his cock was buried deep in her ass. Now she was on her back, on top of a guy with his cock in her cornhole. Her gaping pussy was exposed once more.

One of them didn't let it go to waste. He mounted Denise and stuffed his prick between her meat flaps and DEEP into her. "OOOHHH OOOHH GOODDDD!!" Denise moaned. Both cocks begin to thrust in & out of her holes like pistons. "OOOHH OOOHH MMYY.....ah ah ah OOOHHH OOHHHH!"

"Oh Yeah! Look at the Bitch. She LOVES IT!"
"She still is moaning like a WHORE."
"And cumming like one, too."

YEESSS Give it to me....ah ah ah FUCK!! OOHH OOHH OOHH SHITT! HARDER!!"

Denise was out of control! She knew she was going to CUM AGAIN. Both guys started to throb and soon let loose their thick wads of sperm inside her cunt & ass. Then another guy started to rub her pussy and found her clit. He pressed down hard and Denise erupted once more with a huge flood, soaking the bed. "AAAHHHHEEIIIIIIEEEE YEESSS AAHHHHAAHHHHH!!!! Make me CUM!!"

Finally it was time to let her rest. They got dressed and let her sleep. The sheets were soaked with her juices and she was all sticky from cum, inside & out. But she was so tired she went right to sleep.

"Get some sleep, Denise, Baby. Tomorrow is another big day!"